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CADfab 3D’s innovative manufacturing is based on many years of dental technology experience and expertise from the dental industry. With our partners for the development and production of dental, light-curing high-performance photopolymers, we create trend-setting materials for technical progress in practices and laboratories. The technology used for additive manufacturing is 100% tailored to the desired application. In this way, we achieve high quality for a wide range of dental technology solutions.

  • High-quality photopolymers from leading manufacturers
  • Professional post-processing equipment for class II products
  • The coordinated printing process for each indication
  • Validated design partners
  • State-of-the-art additive manufacturing processes
  • Precise fit for dies and lab analogs
  • Smooth, homogeneous printing results
  • Sustainable shipping materials
  • Easy data upload and online order management

  • Applications & Prices

    We print a variety of dental applications and the range is growing all the time. From models to complete dentures and everything in between. You can find the current product selection and prices as well as the delivery time here or in our short overview here

  • Dataupload & Datasecurity

    The scan or finished print data must be uploaded as open .stl or .ply. To do this, simply register under MY ACCOUNT registrieren. Then select the desired product and service in the SHOP. You can upload your files protected. Don’t worry! Our tool automatically encrypts data and names. Only You can see the sensitive patient data. You will be informed about the order status by mail or you can see it in Your order management at any time. A quick guide to the data tool – if necessary – can be found here. The scan & design data is stored securely and encrypted in Germany for 3 months. After that, they will be deleted automatically after prior notification.

  • Payment

    You can conveniently pay for our products and services by credit card or PayPal after ordering. A monthly invoice is also possible. TALK TO US!

  • Packing, Shipping and the Sustainability

    For shipping, we use UPS. Here You can choose from different time options. From delivery before 9.00 am or during the day. Sure, sometimes it is urgent – but in the end, it always costs resources in different forms for all parties involved.
    Sustainability and environmental protection are important to us. Generally speaking, additive manufacturing is a resource-saving process; unlike milling, there is no waste. However, it is like things that the materials themselves are plastics in various constellations. We guarantee environmentally friendly handling and disposal of all production-related materials. The packaging should protect Your print results during transport. It fulfills this purpose even without elaborate film lamination, glossy prints, and foams. We, therefore, pack appropriately and above all environmentally consciously with recycled materials and can thus keep our ecological footprint in balance.

  • Warranty

    We have. We give. And You can always talk to us.

CADfab 3D

Individual solutions and advice

As specialists in digital dentistry and dental technology, we know from experience what it takes to ensure a functioning and efficient process. Together, we analyze Your needs today, consider tomorrow’s challenges and develop a concept that is right for You. No experiments – but Your solution for an efficient and profitable production process. Consisting of the right equipment and the right materials.